FastBall 3 アプリのレビュー


This game is a lot of fun! Challenging and addictive that makes me keep wanting to play. Would highly recommend, worth the money for sure.

Oh my Yeeeeessss!!

This is becoming an app I put on my first screen Outstanding coordination test, with creative twists. Controls are perfect on my iTouch 4

Glitchy Error Prone Fun Game

Like the other reviews have stated, the speed signs don't work as they should. When the ball returns to normal speed, it actually goes slower than normal, and doesn't give you enough momentum to jump over the obstacles. The only way to continue is to skip the level. Haven't seen any developer responses or comments for a while, so I doubt I'll keep playing or get the next one if it comes out. Bummer.


Need a Fastball 4! I've finished all the Fastball levels, I need more!

I loved fastball 2

But this is just a clunkier and uglier version of fastball 2. The music is same music from number 2!!! The new star currency is the only thing worth mentioning because it is the only new idea in this game. Everything is copied and pasted from number 2. 2/5 very disappointing

NO iPhone 5 support !!!!

Not five stars since this update doesn't have iPhone 5 support :,(

Good, but...

The game is good, but the floating (following) hot air balloons are horrible. Perhaps they are intentionally placed to create a distraction, but these are so bad that you sometimes can't find the ball.

Great game bugs HUGE

This game is great. Its a better version of Fastball 2 except that it annoys the hell out if me. Whenever theirs a speed/slow boost most of the time it will double it so that i go twice as fast or twice as slow. Please fix this issue because it makes me rage too much.

Fun game! Thanks dudes!

Dudes. Totally tubular!

I actully really like this game

Not too bad but it can get kinda boring


Super addicting game. Love it! I do wish it didn't take so long to load. Regardless still worth the money. Buy it!

Good game

Good game but yeah there is some glitches here and there. One that I see that on level 41 when you hit the speed boost it give to speed boost at one time and makes it where you can get to the end but other than that having no problems with it. Also I would like to see you guys make it to where you can have your music while playing.


This game is NOT worth the money it is AWFUL!!!!! if there were 0 stars that's what I Would give it! Too many glitches level 33 is impossible! I never sit around playing games cuz that's lame but when I play this late at night I REALLY wish I didn't spend the money!! DON'T BUY IT!!!!

Glitches nonstop!!

Don't get it glitches non stop. And just isn't worth a dollar.

Great game

There are some glitches that need fixing, and i'de like to listen to my own music. Great game though, I've enjoyed the first two as well.

Too many glitches!!!!!

It is a really fun game but when I go to another app and come back it is really slow and causes me to lose. Also when I hit a spring sometimes it makes me randomly die in the middle of a platform even if I didn't hit an obstacle... Also on a level there is a speed up sign and the ball speeds up like it past two and when it is supposed to go back to regular speed it goes to a speed like it past one sign even though it past two signs… this glitch makes it impossible to get past the level.

Good game but has some issues

I like the game, but there are some issues. It glitches, which causes me to lose the game. And those +1's that pop up when you get a star, are kind of distracting. Is there any way they can be turned off? But besides that, its a good and fun game.

Excellent old school challenging game

Works great after update. Fun and super challenging game. Don't get unless you can handle and enjoy frustration.

Fun and addicting!

I've been waiting for the Fastball 3 release, and it definitely doesn't disappoint. It's challenging, and the magnets really throw you for a loop. If you like games where you compete against yourself, Fastball is the game for you! I also haven't had any issues with the app crashing, like some others.


Ok whenever I past the sign that slows down a fast ball, I'm unable to hop over block because it doesn't hop high enough

Great simple fun.

Simple yet challenging. You can play for a minute or an hour. Also huge improvement graphic wise from the second one. And I'm playing on a iPhone 4 with no issues what so ever.

Crashes on 4S (v1.0)

Yes, it crashes, so don't buy it yet


Works fine for me, IPhone 4 32 gig IOS 5.1. Challenging and fun, like the previous Fastball games.


hey idiot way to playtest your game

Crash on launch

It doesn't start

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